You reached the limit of entities of this type for this tenant

Upon attempting to create a new application in one of our free-tier tenants we’ve encountered the message “You reached the limit of entities of this type for this tenant”. So, given the number of applications we currently have, I’d conclude that the limit on the free tier is 10.

Is there any documentation anywhere indicating how the limits change on each of the pricing tiers? (The upgrade page for our account didn’t reveal anything.)


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Please refer to the following post:

Max number of Applications per tenant

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Thanks @rashid779939, yes I saw that. The conclusion was that “No, there is no limit to the number of applications that can be created in an Auth0 account.” (and then a broken link).

So, it seems that the situation with applications per tenant has changed in the meantime.

In fact, now I try this via the Auth0 Dashboard (instead of terraforming) I see a message like this:

This tenant reached the limit of 10 available applications and SSO Integrations per the [Auth0 Entity Limit policy]( You can increase the number of available applications and SSO Integrations by upgrading your [ Auth0 subscription](<redacted>/tenant/billing/subscription) to a paid plan. Please [ contact us]( with any questions.

Like I say though, the plans page gives no details of by how much the limits are changed depending on the plan.

I also ran into this issue and it seems like the plans page has still not been updated. I’m assuming the “Free” subscription is just out date maybe? I expect it should say “Up to 10” similar to the “Social Connections” row. I’ve attached a picture below of the current plans page.