Incorrect Application/SSO Count Incorrect - limit reached

I have a tenant with 4 applications and 0 SSO connections (on the free plan). But on the application page it says:

This tenant reached the limit of 10 available applications and SSO Integrations per the Auth0 Entity Limit policy. 

I am unable to create a new application. Has anyone seen this problem? Is there any way to get the usage reset?

Hey there @matt.howard,

I’ve quickly checked what you own under your email address.

You have a few tenants and the one I randomly picked [ ry*****-d** ] has in summary: 5 items under the Applications AND 5 items under Connections.

Which tenant you refer to? Or maybe it would be helpful for you to list all your tenants via a private message?

Yea it’s the rytebox-qa tenant I’m having trouble with. Can you see if I’m missing something? In rytebox-dev we have a similar setup but several more applications, and I regularly export dev and import to qa. So it seems if we’re going to hit the quota we’d hit it in dev.


Is this something persistent?

I found this article more detailed - # Entity Limit Policy

Entity limits are hard limits on entities that are enforced for the health of our platform; they are not a component of pricing, though they can differ for groups of pricing plans.
Individual pricing plans have separate limitations, which refer to the entitlements like MAU and Enterprise Connections you receive when you subscribe to a given plan.

@marcelina.barycka yes it seems persistent - I’m not sure exactly when it started but it has been ongoing for at least a few days.

I understand they are hard limits and can vary some based on pricing plans, but what confuses me is just:

  • our dev tenant has the same subscription as qa, but has more applications and hasn’t hit the limit
  • qa only has 4 applications, but it says we’ve hit the limit of 10

I just bumped up to the essentials plan to get around it for now. For our lower environments we really don’t need a paid plan so I might just delete this tenant and recreate it later on, but I understand you can’t re-use a deleted tenant name so I’ll try to avoid it.

Hey @matt.howard , it’s good you have a workaround for now. We are checking it internally in terms of possible worker queuing issues that updates the entity number in use on a tenant level. Normally Entity counts may take a few seconds to update.

@marcelina.barycka Thanks!

Hey Matt!

Just following up on this one on your end - did the issue resolve?


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