How to overcome the Application entity limit? (more than 100 apps)

Hi, is there any paid plan which will let more than 100 applications to be registered and authorized at once? We need like a couple of thousands. Will the Enterprise plan cover this for us already? Can we pay extra for increasing this limit within a paid Developer account?

Otherwise, what do you suggest to do if we want to support more than 100 apps, like sharing their credentials or? To give you some context, we have many applications installed by users and we want to give them access into our API by authorizing them through the user consent and we also want to be able to revoke tokens of them individually.

Any help or idea will be highly appreciated!

Hi @cmin764

There is no limit for enterprise plans.


Hi John, sounds great! What about an API to create those apps programmatically, is it possible?

If not and if we’re opting in for Dynamic external apps, is there a chance to remove/control them? (the ones through OpenID Connect related endpoint)

Thanks and have a great day!