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We are looking at building a wrapper around Auth0 to allow our API to generate client credentials so users can programmatically call our API with long-lived keys. We are thinking of leveraging M2M applications per-key, as this seems like the only way we can get the functionality we want with our other applications that govern our main API.

What’s the limit on the number of Applications that can be generated in an Auth0 tenant?


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Entity limits depend on subscription. This doc lists them:

Hey @dan.woda!

Thanks for sending this over. I spoke with a sales representative about the Enterprise subscription - and for our use-case and # tokens served, users it simply doesn’t make sense cost wise to upgrade to that tier to allow for API Keys to be generated in Auth0.

It would be fantastic to have a higher limit on Applications in the Developer Pro subscription level to meet our requirements as we’ve opted to create this system without Auth0 completely. The only limitation on our end was 100 Applications per tenant - our users will likely generate a lot of API keys/client credentials for IoT devices connecting to our API and it didn’t seem like there was any other reasonable way to create permanent access tokens without creating M2M applications.

Is there a place where I can submit this as a request?


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You can submit that request to our feedback page. Thanks for taking the time to respond thoroughly and provide the insight.


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