Increase limit of 10 applications for Dev environment

Problem Statement

We have a paid Enterprise account for our Production environment. And we also have a Free tenant that we use for our Development environment. However, this tenant reached its limit of 10 apps. How can we increase our dev environment apps? We only use it for testing.


Entity limits are defined in our public-facing Entity Limits policy document:

  • In the case of Free tenants, this is limited to 10 applications per tenant.

  • And for paid self-service plans, the limit is 100 applications per tenant.

Since you are an Enterprise customer, you can request associating your Test/Dev tenant with your Enterprise agreement. This will result in the Test/Dev tenant receiving full enterprise entitlements (including adjusted entity limits that apply to Enterprise plans).

So please open a support ticket stating that you would like your Free or self-service tenant(s) to be incorporated into your Enterprise agreement with the name of the tenant or a list of the tenants.

The DSE who is handling your case will alert your Technical Account Manager (TAM), who will then process your request.

If you are an admin/member of the tenant(s), then we can go right ahead and make the update. Otherwise, we’ll reach out to the admins of the tenant(s) to confirm this request.