Impersonation difficulties

For the duration of my time using the Auth0 platform I have used user impersonation to log into a secure version of my website in my local environment.

Without the impersonation option I would have to remove my security features to access the project on my localhost.

Could anyone tell me how this can be enabled again? Or what a work around might be?


We also discovered that Impersonation has been disabled on all of our tenants today. Please address this as soon as possible. The documentation AND a support ticket I opened many months ago assured us that we would be given ample time to develop a different solution before impersonation was disabled. When Auth0 addressed my previous ticket they had no guidance on what to do as a workaround. Questions regarding Impersonation, SSO, Universal Login - #5 by tharonrodriguez

We didn’t receive any email/notification that the Impersonation feature was being deprecated and we rely heavily on being able to impersonate to monitor our listing feed.

Is there anyway we can re-enable this feature, at least until we are able to create a workaround?

We are in the same boat. We rely on impersonation to support our users (to see what they’re seeing). This feature appears to have been disabled today without any warning.

The lack of communication on this feature removal is concerning. We also need to get this turned on again with some guidance on how to replace the feature (if it is, in fact, being removed).

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Holy crap, I can only hope that this was a mistake! This is a HUGE deal!

Yes, I was very much expecting a warning email that this feature would be shut off like they had indicated. Not a good day being blind sided by this!

For others, we opened a support ticket and they were able to re-enable impersonation on our tenant. Not sure how long that will be an option, but hopefully long enough to get a reasonable impersonation replacement in place.

Support turned this feature back on for us :+1:

Same for us, impersonation was disabled, it’s a huge deal and has a BIG impact in production. Please turn it back on !

Hey there everyone!

Sorry for any inconvenience! Here’s the status page for the incident:

If you have paid plans please do open a support tickets to escalate it to our developer support engineers.

Definitive fix is being worked on and that tenants that had impersonation before it being deprecated will have it enabled again.

We are working hard for a full fix. As we have more news to share I will do it here but feel free to check our status page as well as it should be communicated there

Once more sorry for any inconvenience!

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I use a feature called “Sign in as” daily. It used to sit to the left of Actions on a user account. Where did it go? Did it get moved to another location. Without it I am unable to log in as a client user and provide them support. @auth0-admin please advise ASAP.

Hi there, sorry for the trouble! There’s an issue with impersonation as described below. Our teams are working on a fix.


What is the name of your tenant?, we are also affected by this issue. The name of our tenant is mjb

Thanks, Vincent

Normally when using the Auth0 UI and viewing an individual user, there’s a “Sign In As” option next to “Actions” that lets you impersonate a user. I’m not seeing that option anymore, was it removed? My them often uses it to help troubleshoot a user’s issue. I’m really hoping that it wasn’t removed and this is just a bug.

I’m having the exact same issue. I use the “Sign In As” daily. Did that function get moved to somewhere else?

Hi there, sorry for the trouble! There’s an issue with impersonation as described below. Our teams are working on a fix.

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I used to be able to impersonate a user from the user Dashboard on my free account. I noticed that no longer is an option. Is this feature being turned off temporarily or does it have a specific timer on the free account? I noticed that my other accounts too no longer have the ability to impersonate a user.

Hey everyone!

It seems like everything is getting back to normal. Sorry once more for any inconvenience and let us know if somehow the issue is still there for you.

Here’s the status page of the incident:

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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