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Auth0 Dashboard logging in as any user



In below screen shot, you can see we should be able to login as another user. But when I open a user profile, and look at actions, there is no login as user option (Please see second screen shot). Am I missing something here?




Hello @maboobacker,

The user impersonation feature is deprecated and won’t be replaced (it violates OAuth/OIDC protocols). I believe it has been removed entirely from newer tenants. The documentation on the users page needs to be updated. This screenshot is from an older tenant that still has access to that feature:


Thanks for the response @markd.

So is there an alternative for troubleshooting user issues, just in case we want to have a look at what it looks like at their end?



There’s nothing built in to Auth0 for that. I believe your only recourse is screen-sharing /co-browsing tools. We’re using Surfly and finding it to be a very good service.


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Thanks Mark. Appreciate sharing the alternative solution. :slight_smile:


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