I'd like to migrate all of my users from dev to prod tenants

I’m using an Auth0 supplied DB to store my user info in dev, and I’d like to migrate all of that data (including passwords) over to prod. It seems this is possible, based on this community article: Migrating Database users from one tenant to another tenant

But, I don’t have a paid plan yet, so I can’t log a ticket. Auth0 support, can you help me with this for now?

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Could you clarify if your prod tenant has a free or paid subscription plan?

Generally, if you do not have a paid plan in either of your tenants, we unfortunately won’t be able to help you with the password hash exports.

If this is the case, you could consider switching your current tenant’s environment from development to production.

Thanks Rueben - so just to confirm, I could get this done with support if I just moved to Essentials ($35/month) then right?

Hi @auth032,

Yes, if you have an essentials plan, we can help you export your user’s password hashes so you can migrate them to your preferred tenant.

I upgraded to Essentials (see first screen shot)

And yet, it still doesn’t give me access to Essentials features (like 1 prod tenant and 2 dev tenants). As you can see in this screenshot, it contrasts my “Essentials” subscription with another “Essentials” subscription. Is this a bug? or just a timing issue?

Hi @auth032,

If you have upgraded to the essentials plan, you should be able to create a support ticket asking for your users’ password hashes. (Reference: Data Export and Transfer Policy)

And regarding your subscription features, you should have access to them after upgrading, like having 1 production tenant and 2 development tenants. Are you still having issues with these paid features?

If so, please send me a direct message with your tenant names.


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