Users migration from one tenant to other

I need to migrate users from one tenant to another one.
Is it possible to migrate users with passwords from dev tenant to paid tenant keeping passwords?
I have noticed that password hash could be retrieved by rising Ticket, but free account cant rise it.
Can i get information related this topic?

The extension “User Import/ Export” will help you. It is free and super easy for installation.

Reference: User Import / Export Extension

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Thank you @mj.phong for helping on this one!

Thanks for this. But how about passwords? Can i migrate those too if using that tool?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we can export the user’s password, as it is the privacy policy from Auth0 (you can refer here, the official Auth0 documentation: Export Data). To keep our users & their customers safe (we are).
To obtain this information, you must send a support ticket to the Auth0 team, who will help you, then use this data to do the import.

Hope it can help.

To create a ticket i need to have paid subscription. In my case, i need to move users from DEV environment to PAID subscription. Is it possible to create ticket by any other way? Thanks

Hi @mantas.parfionovas

Can you create the ticket under your paid subscription?

An alternative is to use automatic migration (aka Lazy Migration): Configure Automatic Migration from Your Database