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I keep getting errors for creating a new user, and unblocking a user



While attempting to login as a user it’s no longer working. When I logged in as admin and attempted to create a new user/unblock a user it gave me the following error messages:

Create New User:

Unblock a user:
There was an error trying to unblock the user. Try again later

These errors have been going on for multiple days now.

Disclaimer: I am running this instance locally and was able to get an initial login when creating an account the first day, but 3 days later I’m unable to do much.


I could not reproduce the issue when creating a user through the dashboard; I also had no issues with the unblocking operation. In addition, the user I unblocked also had no issues in performing a login (if the login operation fails for you it may be worthwhile to review if you have any custom rules that might cause the login to fail).

If you can still reproduce this situation you should also update your question with additional information, for example, if it happens only through the dashboard or if creating a user through the Management API also fails for you. If it’s just Dashboard, try to reload it completely and also provide information about the browser being used.