I can't subscribe to the essentials subscription

Hi there, I already saw that other users also had this issue, and that it was fixed with them. But what can I do to subscribe to the essentials subscription?

This is the error I’m getting:
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-12-21 om 09.59.20

Hi @luuk !

Does your current subscription allow you to create a support ticket?
If not, then I believe I would have to go and create a support ticket on your behalf. Alternatively, there is an option to fill the form via Contact Us - Auth0.

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Hi there, currently I cannot create a ticket because of the free subscription. But I have submitted the question in the form you have provided. Thank you for that! I will keep you updated.

Alright! If you won’t get any replay till tomorrow, please let me know and I will submit a support ticket (letting you know because later I’m off). Thanks!

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Subscribing to the essentials finally worked. When I clicked on buying, a button appeared that you need to subscribe to a new plan in teams. So for everyone upgrading (or downgrading), go to your team and manage the subscription there.


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