How to manage users that are not displayed in the dashbaord?

I have users that once in a while are missing from the dashboard and all APIs. I cant find the users searching, i cant delete them, i cant update them. All calls to the APIs result the user not being found. If i try to recreate that user i get an error that states that the user is already exists. It seems to be if a migrated user is created in auth0 but then they never completed a full login process. it leaves these users in limbo… and i have no way to interact with this accounts. how can i edit/delete/complete these accounts?

You mention this is caused by a migrated user so I’m assuming you have a custom database connection with migration enabled and then some users initiate a reset password process (which does some migration of user data to Auth0) and then never complete the process. However, in this situation the user already exists is expected because although the full migration was never performed trying to create a user with the same email will fail because the custom database will return information stating that the user already exists. I might be missing something, but if the user was initially migrated it was because the custom database said it existed so trying create that user again will fail because the custom database will still report the user as existing.