How to land on the Universal Login page where a passkey can be selected when using the login_hint parameter

Passkeys were recently added to the default Username-Password-Authentication database connection, and I’ve enabled it for testing.

When our integration is ready for production, we’d like to enable passkey auth since it offers improved security over username/password + a second authentication factor (2FA/MFA).

We’re using Universal Login, and I’m passing login_hint to the /authorize endpoint to pass the user’s email address, so he/she doesn’t have to enter his/her email address again.

This all works in our Development tenant:

The problem here is that a user must click the Edit button in the email address field (‘Bewerken’ in the screenshot), before he/she can choose a passkey:

Is there any way to land on this last screen immediately?

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Hey there @stevenvolckaert!

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s currently possible to both pass a login_hint param and land at the screen with the option of passkey directly. I do think this is a good candidate for a Feedback request as I can definitely see this use case being helpful.

Thanks for your suggestion @tyf, I changed the type of this topic to Feedback and gave it my vote.

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Awesome, thanks for that!