Use login_hint but do not auto submit passwordless form

We are using login_hint to populate a users email from local storage but the passwordless login form is auto submitting. Is there a way to continue to use login_hint without auto submitting a passwordless form to allow a user to modify their email address (if needed) and manually submit the form? Thanks!

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Update: I’ve tried a custom template and used this but still no joy, I have also tried to set the email input value by id, name etc etc:

var options = {
prefill: {
email: “

We are also seeing problems with this.
When our users log out they are redirected to the login page so that they can log back in if they would like to. When we use login_hint this makes the login page automatically send the passcode. So our users logout and then immediately get a passcode to log back in, which is bad UX for them.

@rodney @mark28 Hey there, welcome to Auth0!

I can confirm that for the New Universal Login and the Authorization Profile set to Identifier First (and only the passwordless connection enabled for the client app)
the expected behaviour of using the login_hint parameter in the
/authorize? request is receiving already the second prompt in the flow, so the one to provide a code/link received via the specified in the hint (the last used to log in) email address.

But on the other hand, I wonder if maybe using this parameter is kind of unwanted redundancy?

When I tested the flow just in my browser for a dummy web app registered in auth0 tenant with this request:

1. GET…&redirect_uri=

I got this as a response:

The email field got prefilled with the one I used the last time to log in + when clicking on the email field I got a list of all email addresses used in the past. It comes form google. The form hasn’t been autosubmitted.

Alternatively, you can experiment with another OIDC supported parameter:
?prompt=select_account - I verified that it doesn’t change the flow and return the first prompt (to choose an email).

More info on OIDC compliant parameters and its implementation here.

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I will give the prompt=select_account parameter a try and report back, thank you.

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