Can You Add a login_hint to New Universal Login Using Passwordless Flow?

Hi. I am working in React, and we are using the New Universal Login and a passwordless flow, but when I add a login_hint to my parameters for loginWithRedirect, I get no email hinting in the Universal Login. My Code looks like this:

const handleLogin = async () => {
    await loginWithRedirect({
      prompt: "login",
      appState: {
        returnTo: "/enrollment/qualify",
      login_hint: "",

If I hover over the login_hint, VS Code says that “This currently only affects the classic Lock experience.” We aren’t using classic, so is that why this is not working? I would just be a little surprised if there was no way to prefill the email address in the New Universal Login. Thanks!

Hi @wspence

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I assume if you’re using passwordless with New Universal Login you have configured Identifier First + Biometrics as currently there is no support for Email or SMS passwordless in the New Universal Login

If you are using the Biometrics flavour then unfortunately there is currently no way to direct the user to a WebAuthN prompt in the New Universal Login when using a login_hint. This issue is described in more detail here: Passing login_hint to New Universal Login page always prompts password so at present this is only supported with Email/SMS passwordless in Classic.

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OK. So I think I mis-spoke. I believe that we are using Classic Universal Login because we have not activated biometrics because we are only developing at this point and under Authentication>Passwordless, we only see this:

But we still are not getting any login hints entered for our email address using the code above. Are we doing something wrong, or does Passwordless not allow login_hint for Classic Universal Login?

Hi @wspence

Ah gotcha. In that case it might just be a small thing you’re missing.

Within Branding > Universal Login > Login tab check if you have the prefill object present:

Warm regards.


That did the trick! Glad you were here to help, I did not know that I needed to do anything to the template to make that happen!

Thank you @SaqibHussain


No problem, I’m glad I was able to help :raised_hands:

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