Auto-submit passwordless link with a login_hint


I have a react SPA and I’m using the ‘@auth0/auth0-react’ package for logging user in my app.
I set up passwordless login via an email link, and I call loginWithRedirect(..) with the user’s email as a login_hint. That works - the new universal login is indeed populated with the user’s email.
I’d like to skip the step where the user has to actually click the ‘Submit’ button, as their email is the only input required, and it is already populated.

My use case - an eCommerce customer enters their order number in my app - that way I know what is their email - and I want the passwordless login email to be sent automatically - without the user clicking the Submit button. (after they entered their order number).


Hi @irad,

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I don’t think it’s possible (not easily, that is), to automatically submit the email without the user’s interaction using the auth0-react package.

You may be able to Using Passwordless APIs. Have you tried that?

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