Passwordless Login and Email Verification in one link?

Does Auth0 have a way that an email link for passwordless login also serves as email verification? Is this automatic? If the user can click a link to login that presumes the email is valid (I would think). Is this correct?

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As far as I know unfortunately we do not offer such feature. Can I ask you to create a feedback card for it in our Feedback category here:

In the end I will rely on passwordless email login and Auth0 will redirect to a React component page which will post to our server which will post to Auth0 to update that user’s profile to have email activated set to true. Then the react component will auto redirect to the standard landing page. This is only needed for initial account signup (first time) access to our portal. I am trying to minimize the amount of links and clicking the user needs to perform. Thanks anyways Konrad! (but would be nice if Auth0 did this out of the box)

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Totally! Thanks for sharing more context and your feedback!