Bypassing manual email entry step for passwordless + Universal Login

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Hi there,

This is cycling back to a question we posed years back. To be clear, we already use “login_hint” to prefill the email on the universal login page from our application. However, we want to make this even simpler. We have an input form in our application that accepts the email address. They click “Send PIN”, and the idea is that the user would immediately receive a PIN email and not have to speedbump in Universal Login and click “Confirm Email”. Screenshots below to illustrate the request.

Within our application, the login screen:
The second step - The one we want to skip. We should be able to directly to screen 3.
Third step where the user can enter the PIN sent to their email.

To reiterate - We want screen 1 immediately to screen 3. We don’t want to burden our users with the extra click on step 2.

Is there any way to accomplish this using Universal Login, or do we have to build a custom Login screen and call passwordless APIs from a backend service?

Thanks in advance