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How to connect ionic 3 sso with office 365 enterprise account



I want to develop mobile application with ionic 3 to connect sso with office 365 enterprise account.
Was office365 deprecated? and I should use azure AD right?
I see the document tutorial are too old.


Hey @chikarurus !

That is correct. Connecting your app to Microsoft Office 365 is deprecated and you should migrate your Office365 Connections to Windows Azure AD, here’s more on that:

You can also read more about Auth0 Azure integrations here:

Hope it helps!


Hi @konrad.sopala

In this link

The screen shots in this article show the old Azure Classic portal, and should be updated to reflect the new portal.


Thanks a lot @chikarurus ! Will report that to appropriate team. If you find something like that in the future, please report it at:


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