Microsoft office 365 users in Social connections Autho

Hi there
I m trying to use social connections and i have enable Microsoft live for users but when im trying to login with Microsoft it return an error “That Microsoft account doesn’t exist”.
My question is how we can get office 363 user sigin in to Auth0 ?

Hi @bellaf,

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It sounds like there is some confusion here about the difference between Live and 365. Here is a good FAQ from Microsoft that explains the difference.

In short, your office 365 account is likely linked to your organizations provide, and is seperate from Live.

Hi Dan, Thanks for your help
my question is , how we would be able to use Social connection to let Microsoft 365 user sign in to auth0? is there any way to add custom connection ?


You should be able to use our Azure AD connection: Connect Your App to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

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