Azure Active Directory SSO Login

I have registered my app with azure active directory. I have followed all the steps that mentioned in below link.

After setting up everything, When I click on Try button in auth0 , it works. But does not work when I try to login with my app. Do I have to add anything in my code to get it working?

It would be helpful to see sample code so that we can see what might be happening… maybe any console logs in the browser as well

There is no error on console. But when I try to login with my company account, it says account does not exist. When I try in auth0, it is working with company account. I am using AAD so that I can use my outlook with company domain. For personal account with outlook, login works fine. I hope you got it what I am trying to say.

I want to make sure I understand the situation correctly @kandarprakeshbhai , when/where are you receiving the error that your account does not exist? Are you seeing any errors in the logs when the account is rejected? In a direct message to me, can you include the account you’re using that says it does not exist along with your tenant name? Thanks in advance!

Hey there @kandarprakeshbhai, following up to see if we could get additional information so we can better help you overcome this challenge. I feel with the enough data on the subject we can conquer this hurdle together!

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