Auth0 / Azure AD: Account does not exist in this organization

Hi there,

We followed the instructions from here (Connect Your App to Microsoft Azure Active Directory) to connect our Auth0 app with Azure AD.

The connection test is successful and we can login into our app through Azure AD using our domain (say

We want other organizations users to connect to the app as well (say However when an user connects to our app through Azure AD, they see the error

This account does not exist in this organization.

How can I fix this issue?

Hi. Thanks for reaching out to community.

The error means that the users from other domain cannot be identified by your Azure AD. Usually orgs have their enterprise users source enabled only for their own company domain. If you need to allow other orgs to access through Azure (provided they are an allied/child company which is associated with the parent company), required changes need to be done at MS Azure AD end. That said, this error is not related to Auth0

As a workaround, you can setup these users through any database connections enabling them to use username and password. Thanks !!