How to check email passwordless are being sent out?

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I am working with email passwordless login, and we are experience at times that users report they did not receive the OTP email that suppose to arrive.

When we check with the email admins, they reported there are no abnormality on their end and emails are not being filtered.

So I want to find out whether there is a way for us to check when OTP are being sent out from Auth0 end so at least we know it is not something stopped at the service side that prevent the completion of the flow?

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Hi @leungas and welcome to Auth0

Yes, there are some ways to track the sending of OTP emails from Auth0’s end. One way to do this is by using the Auth0 Real-time Webtask Logs extension. This extension allows you to see real-time logs of various Auth0 events, including the sending of emails.

To set this up, you can install the Real-time Webtask Logs extension from the Auth0 Management Dashboard. Once installed, you can configure the extension to filter for specific events, including the sending of OTP emails. This will allow you to monitor when OTP emails are being sent from Auth0’s end and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Additionally, you can also utilize Auth0’s logging and monitoring features to track the sending of OTP emails. Auth0 provides detailed logs for every authentication transaction, including email-based authentication. By reviewing these logs, you can track when OTP emails are sent and identify any potential issues.

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