How to add submit button label to password reset (Universal Login)

This is what I see as the default setting in “Password Reset” for universal login. I want to change the submit button label.

I tried some options provided in the link here including the lock.js library but no success:

This is what i found in the HTML by default:

new Auth0ChangePassword({
container: “change-password-widget-container”, // required
email: “{{email | escape}}”, // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
csrf_token: “{{csrf_token}}”, // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
ticket: “{{ticket}}”, // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
password_policy: “{{password_policy}}”, // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
password_complexity_options: {{password_complexity_options}}, // DO NOT CHANGE THIS
theme: {
labeledSubmitButton: true,
icon: “{{tenant.picture_url | default: ‘//’}}”,
primaryColor: “{{tenant.colors.primary | default: ‘#ea5323’}}”,
showBadge: false //defaults to true
dict: {
// passwordPlaceholder: “your new password”,
// passwordConfirmationPlaceholder: “confirm your new password”,
// passwordConfirmationMatchError: “Please ensure the password and the confirmation are the same.”,
// passwordStrength: {
// containsAtLeast: “Contain at least %d of the following %d types of characters:”,
// identicalChars: “No more than %d identical characters in a row (e.g., “%s” not allowed)”,
// nonEmpty: “Non-empty password required”,
// numbers: “Numbers (i.e. 0-9)”,
// lengthAtLeast: “At least %d characters in length”,
// lowerCase: “Lower case letters (a-z)”,
// shouldContain: “Should contain:”,
// specialCharacters: “Special characters (e.g. !@#$%^&*)”,
// upperCase: “Upper case letters (A-Z)”
// },
// successMessage: “Your password has been reset successfully.”,
// configurationError: “An error ocurred. There appears to be a misconfiguration in the form.”,
// networkError: “The server cannot be reached, there is a problem with the network.”,
// timeoutError: “The server cannot be reached, please try again.”,
// serverError: “There was an error processing the password reset.”,
// headerText: “Enter a new password for
// title: “Change Password”,
// weakPasswordError: “Password is too weak.”
// passwordHistoryError: “Password has previously been used.”

Are you using new or classic UL? Also can you give a screenshot of the text you want to change? There are a lot of submit buttons :smile:

Hi Dan,

Thank you for responding to my query, I have attached the screenshot for reference. I am using the New UI. I want to change the button icon to string “Confirm”.


That is the classic UI, not new.

It doesn’t look like that is configurable unfortunately.

You can switch to new universal login, which looks like this:

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