Add a T&C checkbox in the custom Reset password page


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I have a flow in which we create an Auth0 user account programmatically and send an email to the user to reset the password. I’d like to customize the Password Reset Page by adding a checkbox.

While this task seems easy, I’d like to prevent the user from setting the password (by disabling the submit button) if he/she doesn’t tick the checkbox. I can’t find any easy way to do this and the only idea I have is to find the button in js, disable it initially and then enable it once the T&C checkbox is ticked. Any better ideas?

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Hi @daniel.gessler,

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I’m sorry to say, this isn’t going to be easily accomplished if you are using New Universal Login. We generally don’t recommend using JS to manipulate the prompt itself, including the buttons.

As an alternative, I can recommend using Redirect with Actions to redirect the user after the password reset and subsequent login.

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