Signup ToS checkbox

Hi Auth0 team,

Before asking in this post, we have explored all the previous posts mentioning about how to add a ToS checkbox in the sign up flow, including form of actions + progressive filling, customized signup prompts and classic universal logins. But none of them seem to work for us.

currently our team is utilizing the new universal login template without custom domain. And I have attached a picture for how it looks like. Due to lack of custom domain we wont be able to use custom prompts and i also find there is no options for adding a checkbox and disable/enable the button based on the checked result in the universal login (plz confirm). For form of actions and progressive filling, I agree we can use action to perform the checks pre-signup but this does not solve the issue that we dont have an ui element for user to see and select in the first place.

We did not want to edit or write our own html and css for the signup and login flow as this was one of the original reasons we choose auth0 as our login funnel.

Thus, i kindly wonder as of June 4th 2024, is there a formal and direct solutions solving the ToS login form with new universal login template without us to rewrite the code for customization? If there is not, is there any formal walk around that can solve the problem? Thank you very much



Welcome back to the Auth0 Community!

Thank you for posting your question and extensively describing your problem. As for now, the only two ways to customize the signup login page without entirely changing the HTML is to use Customize Universal Login Page Temaplates or Forms for Actions. As for now, there’s no other way to workaround without HTML customization.