How to add a re-enter password field to Universal Login Experience (Sign-up)?

I’m trying to add a field that requires the user that is signing up to re-enter a matching password. I can’t figure out where to enable this in the auth0 settings. Can someone help?

Hey there!

Unfortunately I fear that it’s not possible currently. I would highly encourage you to use our Feedback category and advocate for that there:

Hi @hyblmedia
I found out the solution to add additionalSignUpFields with such functionality as below:

additionalSignUpFields: [
          name: "repeat_password",
          placeholder: Repeat Password,          
          type: "password",
          validator: function (repeat_password) {
            const passwordField = document.getElementsByName("password")[0];

            if (passwordField === undefined || passwordField.value !== repeat_password) {
              return {
                valid: false,
                hint: 'Passwords do not match',
            return { valid: true };

Anyway I still have issue with type: password as it’s not working as it should. For now it always behave like a standard text field, so the typed data is visible (not dotted).

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