Add "confirm password" on user invite acceptance screen of Universal Login

I’d like to add a “confirm password” box to the screen presented to a user when they click an invitation to join an organization (auth0 b2b). Essentially a second form input into which a user must enter the password they are setting a second time, and it must match the first entry. At present, the user just sets the password with a single input.

This confirmation input field is referenced in this staff response to a previous post as a backlog item. Has this been implemented yet? And if yes, how might one use this setting?


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Looking to add password confirmation to the Sign-up template but not seeing how to do that in the documentation. Is this something Auth0 even supports for sign-ups? @SaqibHussain

Hi @jason.bowman

Welcome to the Auth0 Community and thanks for getting in touch.

This is still in backlog with our product teams for review so it is not currently supported out of the box. I would suggest logging some product feedback here if this is a feature want to want see.

The feedback is used to gauge demand and review customer use cases, the more demand we can generate the better.

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@SaqibHussain Ok, thanks for the update. Is this even possible if we create our own sign-up form and leverage the JS SDK that Auth0 provides? Regards.

Hi @jason.bowman

This should be possible via a custom login page you would be free to add another password field and add a password compare check.

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