Add "confirm password" to new universal login

Feature: Add a second input to confirm the password on signup when using the new universal login

Use-case: When using the new universal login, the sign-up page looks like a login page because there is no password confirmation. I think the second password-input is something many users expect to find on the sign-up page. In combination with organization-invitations we already observed customers searching for a given password in the invitation-mail. So the lack leeds to a lot of confusion.

I would suggest to make this an optional setting, so that tenant administrators can decide whether to have password confirmation or not.

I found a lot of posts in the help-section asking for that feature:

Thanks for the feedback!

this is very much needed

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Did we get any resolution for this use-case? @dan.woda @j.krabs @ahns

@SaqibHussain following up with you from your thread here, any resolution / ETA on password confirmation field? This has been reported by many of our users and is quite important to us

Hi @sinclair
Thanks for getting in touch.

I understand this is still in backlog status with no ETA as yet. I would suggest you log some feedback here

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Is there anyway you’d be able to help add it to the right category? There doesn’t seem to have any search functionality from my side

Hi @dan.woda and @SaqibHussain - the lack of this feature has been a consistent pain point for our users. Is there any update on the ETA for this?

Hi @SaqibHussain I have submitted feedback but have not heard back yet. This is still a strong bottleneck for our users. Would you please be able to share more from a timeline perspective?

Hi @sinclair @boyceyoung

I’ve checked the item on our end (Password confirmation with New Universal Login) and there are no timelines for delivery of this one, it still looks early days, however I have added a comment with a link back to here for reference so when it is reviewed the comments here will be visible.

You may already be aware but currently this would have to be something you implement yourself perhaps using our auth0.js library and creating a customised login page there are aspects of embedded login which you need to be aware of see here

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confirm password field for signup page in new universal login should have been implemented by default. There are too many cases where this confuses users and they think it is a login field. This should be a high priority for the product team.

This is a required feature for us.

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This is the best information I’ve seen (using javascript, and it works perfectly).

You just need to modify the following, because it appears to be stale:

pwElmt = document.querySelector(...