How do you actually sign out of Auth0 Community?

I accidentally chose to sign in using a shared company email address, the sign in recognised that as an email that hadn’t previously been used to sign up. Trying to exit the sign up process was impossible, the “cancel” or “sign in” button (I can’t remember what is was now) didn’t work and put me back into the sign up process. So I went ahead and did that just to get out of the loop and how I can’t actually sign out of this new account. Signing out doesn’t seem to de-authenticate me. I just need to click sign in again and I’m in - no options to choose who I sign in as. Quite remarkable for an authentication provider…

Any suggestions?

Hi @cloud1,

Welcome to the Community (accidentally in your case)!

This is because there is a cookie session, you can delete the auth0 cookies and it won’t automatically log you in. If you want me to delete the account manually I am happy to do that for you.

There is some vendor functionality lock-in we experience with Discourse (the forum provider), but I will make a note of this feedback and see what I can do.

Let me know,