Get rid of sign up option in login page

Hi all,

I have implemented Auth0 for my web app, API and phone apps and successfully cut over all my users from Azure Active Directory. I am having a couple of problems:

The users had accounts automatically created in Auth0, and were sent emails to verify their email addresses. When they do that, they get an email to create a password. That worked well in most cases. However some users have been clicking on the line at the bottom of the login form: Don’t have an account? Sign Up

Users are being presented with the Sign Up form and enter their email address, for which there is already an account. When they click Sign Up, they get an error “Something went wrong, please try again later.”

They should get a message saying that an account already exists. This is causing a lot of support calls.

The best thing to do would be to get rid of the “Don’t have an account? Sign Up” line at the bottom of the Universal Login. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @rlkeith

In your dashboard, go to the DB connection that you are using.
There will be an option to disable signups.
You can still create users via the API, but they will not be able to self register.


Hi @john.gateley That is great news. Thank you very much. That will save the phone from ringing.

I have set up user creation from the website using the API. This is a hardware based SaaS and we assign the credentials when we sell the hardware.