Delete my account!

This is really ridiculous website. I do not need to use auth0 anymore. I asked you to delete my account @konrad.sopala via email. But you told me send my email via PM. I do not want to keep my personal data on auth0 based GDPR. Why I should register this f*cking forum? I registered via disposal email. This is really ridiculous. I couldn’t see any send private message button or link on your profile. This is simple. Just delete everything related with me!


Hey @mkaand!

Firstly sorry for any hurdle you face. We’re here to help you and that means in some cases we need to follow the procedures we have for your privacy and decisions safety not ours (having track of what user requires), so please do understand that. We’re here to help you not make your work with whole Auth0 stack harder.

As I’ve told you in the email I need your tenant name in order to confirm you account deletion and pass it forward to our developer support engineer that will perform the final deletion.

In order to message me just click on my avatar picture and there’s the blue message button with the envelope. Without your tenant name I’m not able to do anything. Here’s the official procedure for deleting Auth0 account:

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

Getting into logical aspect of this procedure is certainly a topic for another long discussion as it’s more complex from the privacy perspective than it seems but I don’t think we want to delve into this. Thank you for the feedback! I already placed an internal request for our developer support team so as soon as they are online they will delete all your data. Thank you!