Pls delete our account

Please delete my account, I’m not going to use it for anything anymore.

I’m really confused where else I’m supposed to write. Here? PM the support team? Submit a ticket? I’ve found all of those “solutions” somewhere. I’d really appreciate a normal, simple self-service option.

Best regards

Hey there @anon74369294 ,

Appreciate the feedback!

Currently, messaging the Auth0 support team in the community is a way to start the process.

Here’s the Knowledge Article on the steps on your side to delete your Auth0 account - How can I delete my Auth0 / Auth0 Community Forum account?

Hope this helps!

Hi Marcelina,
thanks for your input. We’ve tried following that article before (4 day prior to this post to be exact), but nothing has happened. Then we tried following some other posts/help pages/whatever, which is why we were wondering what the best way is.

Best regards

Oh,I see! Thank you for letting us know, @anon74369294 ! I followed up internally on your case, and you should get an update soon.

Apologies for the inconvenience,

Hey Marcelina,
we’ve received some kind of confirmation email now, but our account still hasn’t been disabled.

Could you please check what’s the matter?

Best regards

Looks like it was finally done!

Can you delete this forum account as well please? I don’t see any such option.

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