How can we allow sign-ups while enabling Automatic Migration?

I’m trying to import users from an existing platform with Automatic Migration while allowing new users to sign-up. It seems the Automatic Migration part is working well, but when users try to sign up, Auth0 is throwing an error that says “Request to Webtask exceeded allowed execution time”. I wonder if it’s because I enabled the “Import Users to Auth0” flag for my tenant. (By the way, the “Disable Sign-Ups” flag is turned off in the Database setting)

Is my understanding correct? If so, what’s the recommended way to import users with Automatic Migration while allowing new sign-ups?


Hi @yasunori.mahata

This probably means your get_user script is timing out. You need both the login and the get_user scripts to work.

When a new user registers, Auth0 must check with the legacy DB (via the get_user script) to make sure they don’t exist. That is the source of the timeout.



Hi @john.gateley, thanks for your support!

You are right. My Get User script wasn’t able to handle emails that weren’t available in the legacy DB. My bad… :man_facepalming: I was testing the script with only the valid emails and couldn’t nail down the problem by the error message.

Thanks again John! You saved my day :smile:

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

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