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Signup gives me a HTTP500 while migrating user from custom database



I set up my Wordpress with the Auth0 Plugin. I want to migrate existing users. So I created an Auth0 connection with:

Import Users to Auth0: Activated
Use my own database: Activated

I added the custom database scripts for “Login” and “Get User”, and it is now possible to migrate Users. But the sign up does not work anymore. When I try to sign up a user, Auth0 returns me HTTP500:

{"message":"Not found","fromSandbox":true}

The request I see in Chrome developer tools ist:

Method: POST

When I disable “Use my own database” everything works fine, it is possible to Login and Sign-Up.

What could be wrong? How can I debug this?

Thank you!


Found the problem: My “Get User” script returned: callback(‘User not found’), if the user could not be found. But it should return callback();, if user does not exist in my custom database.