Hosting provider blocking requests


Some time ago, we experienced issues with sign ups using Auth0 and I’ve created a ticket about it here. After further investigation, it turned out that the issue was with our hosting provider.

Our hosting provider, WP Engine, did implement new rules to their firewall and they block requests that do not contain User Agent information. As a result, /index.php?a0_action=migration-ws-get-user endpoint was not accessible or didn’t return the proper response, and users were not able to create accounts on our website.

WP Engine relaxed the rule for 90 days so that we can find a more permanent solution. I’ve already reported the issue here on Auth0 WordPress repo. To see if anyone else is experiencing the issue and whether you have a solution, I’m turning to the community now.

Please let me know if any of you is experiencing the same issue and if you have any solution.