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Hi all,

I have installed auth0 wordpress plugin on a test/dev site.
I was able to get admin login to work. But in the plugin settings in Wordpress Dashboard
there is nothing. Did i miss something?
Also how do enable registration for let’s say a membership site?

Thank you.

Hi @notorioushanz,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I am looking into your issue and have a few questions. Are you receiving any errors in your Error Log tab? Did you follow any particular quickstart for setting up? What stack are you using and where are you hosting your site?


Hi Dan,

thank for the welcome. here the info you want.

I have this error in error.log

04/07/2019 18:03:57 WP_Auth0_Routes::migration_ws_login 401 Invalid Credentials 1

But i installed only yesterday so i don’t understand why.

I followed this quickstart using Migration setup to get the Admin i had on the site.

My site is hosted on AWS on an UBUNTU 18.04 and i installed Nginx-PHP-Mysql with serverpilot.io
Then i used duplicator to import from a template.

Also i forgot my site goes through cloudflare DNS and HTTP proxy

Just to clarify further, you are seeing a blank page on the Auth0 Settings tab?

All tabs are like this. Is it normal?

It is certainly not. I can’t find any record of others experiencing this problem either. Have you tried reinstalling? It looks like your plugin is missing those pages.

ok i’ll try reinstalling later. l’ll tell you if it changes anything.

Great, thanks for being flexible. I tried to build a wordpress site using a similar process and am not experiencing the issue, and like I mentioned- I can’t find any instances of it in the past.

I’m going to leave the topic open for the time being. Let me know if that solves the problem.


I found out Essential Premium Addons for Elementor caused the problem.
When i deactivate it, the settings appears correctly.
I don’t know why though.


I’m happy you figured it out! Let us know if there is anything else we can do.

Thank you Dan.

I’m using elementor page builder to build my pages.
i was wondering how can i get user info to display in that plugin.
i don’t really understand how to use actions and filters examples.

Yes i was also facing same issue and reinstalled work for me.Thank you so much myschoolbucks.com

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