Hosting Applications using DigitalOcean and Dokku

Learn how to create some simple Node applications, and host them on our own DigitalOcean server using Dokku.


Excellent article, thanks for the time you put into this Steve!

For each new application I push to my server, I invoke dokku apps:create NEW-APP-NAME. Using this process, I was unable to follow the steps for pushing the vue-demo app verbatim. In the snippet below, I used NEW-APP-NAME in place of MISSING_PARAM. My guess is that other readers might need to use dokku in the MISSING_PARAM slot.


Commit the change

git add . && git commit -m “Added a Dockerfile”

Add in our remote Dokku repository

git remote add MISSING_PARAM? dokku@:[IPADDRESS]:vue-demo

Push the changes

git push dokku master

Hey @idusortus, I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

Thanks for letting us know about the error in the code snippet - I’ve corrected that now so the change should be live on the article shortly :+1:

Hey guys,
I have tried this steps but even the FIRST PART of just Hello world NODE app did not work…

I followed the hints about PORTS but
http://myip:5000 got a CANT BE REACHED error.

Also I did not see any START APP in Dokku step … and tried to do that but the SERVER.JS is not at app folder .

What I am missing ?
Best regards

Tagging article author regarding that: @steve.hobbs