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New Express Nodejs SDK in Early Access!

Fantastic news! Our DX-SDK team has been hard at work on a new SDK for Node.js that will soon move into beta stage.

This new SDK makes integrating Auth0 into Express webapps a breeze:

  • Few lines of code required
  • No need to manage secrets

If you’re interested in joining in on testing this and sharing feedback with us, please let us know down below in the comments. Thank you!


When do you expect this new version to be released?

Hi there @ryan4 and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

We are unable to share a release date at this time but we will be sure to share as more details emerge!

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Should I rely on this future release or auth0-spa-js?

Currently using Node.js + express-session + Vue on Webpack dev server, and the settings aren’t perfect… (I have to customize to my own needs.)

Not sure if I should use localStorage or server-side database to store Auth0 session.

Auth0-spa-js is a great jumping off point, espically since we have quickstarts and tutorials already built out for those.

We have documentation on this front too!

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Do I need to expose client_secret when creating a localhost-based web apps? Or it is not always needed?

Hi, I would be happy to try it out