How do you manage local development with ex: docker

How do you manage local development with ex: docker?

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Our very own Dan Arias created a blog post on generating a Node Dev environment using Docker which could be a prime template for what you are looking to do. I would recommend giving it a look and let us know if you have any questions on this front, thanks!

Hi, I saw the post, but that is useless SEO drivel about Docker for Noobs. I know how to use docker. My concern is, how do I get a Docker image which emulates / simulates / mocks the auth0 API so I can test logins without an internet connection?

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I’m sorry to hear you didn’t find what you needed from the previously referenced article. We don’t have any specific documentation related to this exact use case. Due to the really big surface area Auth0 has it can be really tough to try emulate/mock Auth0 APIs ( like the management API, the /oauth/token endpoint and so on) and interactive endpoints (those that are user+browser-driven). Is there a specific example you are looking at to emulate? Thanks!

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