Electron Tutorial: Building Modern Desktop Apps with Vue.js

Learn how to leverage Vue.js and Electron to build and secure modern desktop applications.

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Do I need .env? How do I release the application? Will .env be visible?`

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I just pinged the article author so he should look at your question once he’s online!

Thanks for calling my attention to this @konrad.sopala

Hi @patarapolw. If you’re are distributing your app freely on Github, you will need you ignore your .env file in .gitignore and add iinstructions to your Readme for others to setup the .env file.
However, if you’re distributing it to end users to use on their OS platforms, your .env file will not be visible as your app will be distributed as installables on their respective platforms (Windows, OSX, etc). To learn more about distributing Electron apps you can visit https://electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/application-distribution

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Thanks for sharing that knowledge here @coderonfleek!

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I can’t find the Todos database backend code.

Let me ping the article author about that!

The ToDos component code is incomplete as it doesn’t map the todo.title.

Instead of:

<li v-for="todo in todos" :key="todo.id"></li>

It should be:

<li v-for="todo in todos" :key="todo.id">{{ todo.title }}</li>

Hi…I’ new in this community, I have a question, I have followed exactly as the tutorial https://auth0.com/blog/electron-tutorial-building-modern-desktop-apps-with-vue-js/ But I get a never ending error in the electron console,
Not allowed to load local resource: file:///callback?code=UHPe1fzBHXU07VCS

I have set Allowed CallbackURLs as file:///callback but I still get that error. I’m not sure if the error related to this. Do I need to put file:///callback to the Allowed Web Origins and Allowed Origins (CORS) too?

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I’m sure @sarahkapehe will cover that once she’s online!