Hiding enterprise buttons when logging in with organization

Optionally hide “Continue with Enterprise” button(s) on the login page when loggging in with organizations

The description of this feedback request is as previously described in this FAQ-post Continue with Enterprise button is visible in the login page without enabling this feature on the dashboard.

We have set up an application where all our connections are listed under a single organization.

Currenly we pass the organizationId as a parameter to Auth0 to skip the Organization input screen, after that users can enter their email address. We have unchecked the “Display connection as a button” option for all our connections.

However, when using organizations, buttons are still being shown on the login screen and are ignoring this setting. So everytime a user wants to login to our application, they see the complete list of these connection-buttons.

The only way to currently skip this screen is to either send a connection-name to Auth0, or send a email address. In our case this means that we still have to use a page in our own application where the user can enter their email address. But we don’t want to have our own login page anymore, we just want to use the Auth0-process only. So currently we cannot use the Organizations functionality in Auth0 in the way we would like to.

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