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I have multiple connections setup in my Auth0 tenant, one DB and few enterprise. Each enterprise connection has “Display connection as a button” unchecked. Each enterprise connection has at least one email domain specified. Authentication Profile is configured as “Identifier First”. Whit the above setup, when logging in without “organization” option (and without “connection” option), the enterprise buttons do not show which is expected and desired, and then realm discovery picks up correct connection. The erroneous behavior occurs when I do specify specify “organization” for login, then the login screen (the new one) shows ALL the enterprise connections for that organization, which is not intended.

With the above configuration, I was expecting the connection buttons to not show up ever, regardless if organization is specified or not.

Hi there @lucas.majewski!

Thanks for the detailed description of the perceived issue - I’m not entirely sure of the expected behavior here, but we can certainly look into this internally. I see that you’ve also created a support ticket for this so I’ll be in contact with the owner of that as well.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

The expected behavior is that with above configuration, connection buttons don’t show up, regardless if organization is specified or not.

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Thanks for clarifying, that makes sense to me!

Just adding here for other community members that this is a known issue in our backlog. There unfortunately isn’t an ETA in terms of a fix at the moment.

Thanks for working with us on this @lucas.majewski, we really appreciate your patience and understanding!

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