Google SSO Account Chooser - how to enable on Auth0 iOS SDK

Which SDK this is regarding: Auth0 iOS SDK
SDK Version: 1.28.0
Platform Version: iOS

We are trying to implement the Google SSO login in Auth0 for iOS applications. This is regarding the account chooser that google provides when we choose to SignUp/Login using Google. We are not able to get this dialog to show up on iOS, although it works fine on Android (without any extra settings/configuration).
I did go through the solution on the Auth0 community here:
But the discussion in the thread posted above is about the auth API and not the SDK. Any help on how to implement/add these parameters/configuration for the iOS SDK would be very helpful.

Thank you

Hi @yusuf,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

It looks like you might be able to add those values as a param to the request.

Something like this:

        "value" : "select_account" }

Otherwise you can update the connection settings to include those values on every request, like Nico mentioned.

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Hello Dan,

Thank you for your response.
I did try the method you suggested, though the signature of that method is:
func parameters(_ parameters: [String: String])
and will not allowing us to enter the [String: Any] as suggested.

Regarding the connection settings - is that something we add on the console directly?

Thank you

Hmmm, I am not experienced with Swift, and don’t know if there is a way around this.

You can do it via a PATCH request to the management API. It is laid out in detail in the topic you linked in your original post.

No worries! We’re here for you!