iOS and Android native login

We currently use Auth0 for signing up and logging in and we use the Universal Login flow where it opens a webview modal view to handle all the signing up and logging flows.
I was wondering if it’s possible to get rid of that modal view and have everything integrated in regular SwiftUI views where we can have full control over the UI. I am hoping that Auth0 would have API endpoints to handle the signing up and logging in requests but now after checking the docs it seems like Universal Login is the way to go especially that Google prevents its SSO in embedded browsers.
I am still a bit lost about all that especially the Google part since the Auth0 Universal Login view is technically a browser.
Lastly, is there any other way to use Auth0 along with full native UI on iOS and Android without using the Universal Login view?
We use email and password, Google and Apple.

Any suggestions?
I have checked the API docs but from my understanding, it would still launch the modal web browser even for email and password logins.