iOS Google Sign-In native integration?

  • Which SDK this is regarding: Auth0.swift
  • SDK Version: 1.38.1
  • Platform Version: Swift 5 (SwiftUI)

Is there a way to implement Google Sign-In natively within the iOS app? Just like how apple sign in is implemented and authenticate with Auth0.

Thank you so much!

Hey there @mcdave , welcome to the community!

Google prohibits the use of embedded browsers in the context of OAuth so this is unfortunately not possible. This is also mentioned in our docs in the article below regarding Universal vs. Embedded Login.

Hope this helps!


Hi @tyf, Thank you for the response :+1:

Curious, because I am thinking of using token exchange natively with auth0 and not via embedded flow. Or are they the same?

Sharing reference flow I follow for Sign In with Apple Token Exchange in comparison to what I am expecting to do with Sign In with Google ID Token. So for google I am thinking if there is available documentation for google sign in to do token exchange with auth0 using idToken upon successful google sign in authentication.

Thank you so much!

No problem, happy to help!

Thanks for clarifying - Those are indeed different flows. We unfortunately do not support native social login for Google as as far as I’m aware and hence have no documentation for it. FWIW, the request is made to /oauth/token with the grant type urn:ietf:params:oauth:grant-type:token-exchange. I’m not sure what would happen if you attempted to hit that with an ID Token from Google.


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