Social Login (facebook,google)

Can any one suggest me that how can i login in facebook and google using auth0 ios sdk for native application? i have used A0FacebookAuthenticator but it gives me /access_token url not found.

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Sure, it’s fairly easy provided that you follow our quickstarts. You can find them here:

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I have fully customise login screen so i can not use lock UI. I have Facebook button in this screen. So on tapping on this button i would like to login user in application using auth0 just like we do in other application. Also i can not use web authentication too. I have used func loginSocial(token: String, connection: String, scope: String, parameters: [String: Any ]) → Request<Credentials, AuthenticationError> this method but does not work as it is require Legacy grant for /access_token. So is there any other solution.?

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If you have built a custom UI yourself, in order to implement social login you need to make use of our Authentication API endpoints:

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