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Social Login users with Google and Facebook not shown on auth0 dashboard ( iOS app)



Hi everyone,

I have created a iOS App (Swift) with Custom Login. I have integrated standard Google and Facebook Login SDKs in my app.
I am using Auth0m for login authentication.
With Username-Password-Authentication database I can see users after successful login.
But when I use Social connections(Google & Facebook) , I cannot see logged in users even if they are successfully logged in.

How can I let Auth0 know that these users have successfully logged so that Auth0 dashboard will show them ?

Please help. Thank you in advance.


Hey @shruti!

Wanted to clarify a bit. So you are basically not able to display those users in users section? When it comes to logging in if someone let’s say use username/password another time use Facebook for login and then Google let’s say it will be three different users for you but when it comes to dashboard counts as long as those ones are associated with the same email address then it will count as 1 in the dashboard.

Let me know if that helps!


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