Where can I see what users are using what social authentications?

I’m using Auth0 to allow users access to my mobile applications (Android and IOS), and have Apple, Google, Facebook, X, Microsoft and user/password enabled. I was expecting to see some sort of KPI screen that would allow me to see what social provider my users are using by month/year/all-time. But I don’t see anything like that. Does Auth0 offer this sort of info anywhere?

Hi @stzaske,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a dedicated screen to view your user’s social provider by month/year/all-time.

For now, you can view the break down of your users on the User Management tab on the Dashboard.

On there, you should be able to sort and filter users based on the connection name and latest login.

If you would like to see a feature to the one you purposed, I recommend creating a feedback request with the details of your needs.


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