Passwordless login for native mobile

Since native passwordless login mobile SDK is deprecated, what is the recommended way to implement it on iOS and Android?

Hey there @vburojevic and welcome to Auth0’s Community!

The next recommended step to take a look at is Universal Login for your usecase. We also have a New version of the Universal Login Experience that you should take a peak at as well! Please let us know if you have any questions on this subject after referencing this documentation. Thanks in advance!

Hi @James.Morrison, thanks for a swift response!
This seems like a web page, so it should be opened in a web view on iOS/Android native app? Does it have a native SDK?

Yes that’s correct, it will open up in the native browser for the device.

Are you referring to embedded login flow? You can use Lock for this.

We also have a good article comparing the two against one another:

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